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ARIANA B. SUHADOLNIK, Director of Institute for Tourism of the Municipality of Miren-Kostanjevica

Oskar is an artist and, first and foremost, a Man with a capital "M”. A conscious Slovene, he is proud to be a descendant of Veneti – one of the oldest civilisations in the world, whose traces can be found in mankind’s heritage across the globe.

World literature has much to say about his achievements in design. Oskar’s countless companions, who have had the opportunity to share a part of their path with him, have learned a great deal from his unique perception of the world.

With its primeval link to the nature, his restless spirit is on a constant search for the visible and hidden messages of nature, which it uses to the attention of people – the central and most perfect creations – from the very beginning to the essence of their mission in the thoughtfully measured-out times of their journeys.

With the help of this great artist, each freshly discovered symbol from the heritage of ancient cultures, or even an entirely new and fresh natural creation from the home garden, produces a content-wise, energetically and spiritually assembled echo that manifests itself in the clear form of a unique product made of natural materials.

Each piece of work is made so as to fill our hearts with timeless beauty, inner peace, satisfaction and joy. It inspires us, transcending both space and time with a message of eternal love for life.

Kogoj’s works resemble the unforgettable moments spent in the company of the artist, who is an eternal researcher, observer and traveller. Kogoj uses his unique creations to selflessly transfer both knowledge and behaviour, ultimately moving the boundaries of understanding the links between the visible, invisible, physical, metaphysical and spiritual worlds – the higher forces that determine our existence outside the rational frameworks. The master of industrial design has transcended these frameworks with the help of Sai Baba, his greatest teacher.

I am forever grateful to Oskar for our friendship and the priceless life lessons he has taught me.


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