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About the gallery

In 1998, the renovated birth house of Oskar Kogoj's mother in Miren opened its door as a sales and exhibition gallery named Oskar Kogoj Nature Design Gallery. It is a specialised store and gallery with artworks of timeless design. The ceremonial opening was attended by many. Among them were also a number of famous Slovenians from the cultural and political spheres. Today, the gallery is managed by Oskar's daughters, Katjuša Kogoj Mužina and Nataša Kogoj Komar.

Entering the gallery is a special experience, with the interior entrancing us in a quite peculiar way. Each room presents a new world, which – just like the products themselves – bears the knowledge of ancient cultures and ancient symbols. The "Onyx Room” vibrates in the characteristic green colour of the semi-precious mineral onyx, which comes from the tri-border area between Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. The ceiling features a splendid imitation of the mineral. The "Kitchen Room” features a ceiling with an imitation of the Idrija lace. The "Memory Room” presents Oskar’s ancestors and, thus, a part of the family history. All these rooms feature Oskar Kogoj’s magical, energy-infused exhibits, which additionally enrich the rooms, fill them with a special vibration and invoke a feeling of admiration in all visitors.

Aside from the sales part, the gallery also features a small permanent collection of exhibits. One of the exhibition rooms features bronze sculptures and a glass wheel of fortune, through which mercury from Idrija flows in a closed system. The special energy and divinity are represented in the second exhibition room, which houses a world of different cultures and civilisations and is fully painted and decorated with gold and semi-precious stone dust. The wall paintings were made by painter Ivo Kisovec. The rainbow ceiling and details and design products with a deep message cannot do justice to everything the artist is and knows. We would like his original works, which are linked to both the Slovenian and global history, to be known and the topic of many discussions.

In the gallery, you will find exclusive handmade works of are, which are the result of many years of research, demanding technological procedures as well as classic and contemporary design. You will find products made of porcelain, ceramics, glass, wood, metal, bronze, stone, etc. They are all of Slovenian origin and were made by Slovenian craftsmen. Each product is equipped with a certificate of originality, written in both Slovenian and English, which explains the symbolic meaning of the product.

Our collections features products that work great as personal gifts; products appropriate for other occasions, such as business gifts that belong to the business culture, strategies and business relationships; and protocol gifts, which are presented to foreign statesmen upon their official visits.

All products are the result of a thorough, oftentimes hidden and highly exhausting work. Their background is linked to the history. Each product carries its own message, deeper significance, an all-subversive meaning, clear form and positive energy, which the visitors can sense. We believe that Oskar Kogoj’s extensive oeuvre, which is the result of lifelong study and research, engulfs the entire history and heritage of both Slovenians and other civilisations. What is more, it is also the result of studying nature and its miraculous (re-)creation, which ultimately enriches our spirit.

"Observing and admiring nature is not enough. We have to try and grasp its secrets, which we can then transfer onto different objects,” Kogoj stated in one of his many interviews. It is precisely in the nature that Kogoj’s idea of NATURE DESIGN was born, which the designer tracks in and links to the cultural heritage.

With their form and energy, our handmade products enrich the entire gallery and every visitor that enters it. Discovering the beauty of art is true medicine for our souls. It helps us be reborn and rediscover the feelings and emotions within us. Developing aesthetic intelligence often turns out to be a powerful source of regeneration.

Aside from the products presented on our website, you can see with your own eyes and buy all of our products at our sales and exhibition gallery in Miren. If your schedule is too tight, we will gladly visit your company headquarters, provide over-the-phone counselling, send you our latest catalogue or draw up a custom quote.

You are kindly invited to visit our sales Gallery in Miren, where you will be taken over by the harmony of energies and the play of intuition, symbols and meaning. Discover the world envisioned and created by designer Oskar Kogoj.
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