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Our mission and vision

As our products evoke positive feelings, our mission and vision are for each and every individual to own, enjoy and admire their own Oskar Kogoj product. We want our artistic creations – objects – to arouse a sense of joy, gratefulness, love, peace, beauty and happiness. Let the feeling of love and gratefulness take over your spirit again and again – each second, minute, hour, day and year. Rest your heart and soul and let them come to life. Oskar Kogoj products are perfect for spreading joy and harmony among your friends, acquaintances and co-workers.

We must use and make use of the products, for they can heal us and enrich our spirits if we only let them. They encourage us to think, triggering the process of self-awareness. With positive emotions and mindsets, we strengthen the vibration and empower our subconscious and intuition, which ultimately leads to an inner change. Once thoughts, words and actions are permeated by love and gratefulness, we will finally be able to change the world for the better.

Today’s world glorifies nothing but power and fame, thus leading us in a direction far away from our inner selves. Nevertheless, the sun will soon rise over this dark void of negativity and evil. Using products that are imbued with elevated art will help us wake up from this heavy sleep that locks us down. It is time for us to rise, wake up and start living. We must be aware that we are not merely physical bodies – we are also emotional and spiritual beings.

"The nature provides everything man needs to live in paradise,” says Oskar Kogoj. The divine nature, which is filled with hidden life energy, gives us creative power – the creation of life and creation for life. Each form radiates a special energy. Oskar Kogoj products are made by taking into account the positive vibrations of energy, which they radiate onto their surroundings. The stories they carry complement their informative value.

In the past, people were more integrated with the nature than they are today. Studying the past through our heritage reveals the knowledge of our ancestors, who we are resurrecting today – it reveals the power of natural energy, faith, will and belief in the highest good.

The ancient Veneti, the ancestors of today’s Slovenians, knew fully well the secret of life. The secret lies in the eternal circle, eternal life and transformation, which we can find in the nature. The human life is a play of beauty, good-heartedness, happiness and challenges. Everything depends on us, our thoughts, words and actions. We grow with our experience and through our goal of finding unconditional love, inner peace and satisfaction in life. Though unaware of it, we are god. We must wake up that which we carry deep within.
Since his childhood, Oskar Kogoj cultivated a strong bond with nature, which provided him with answers to many a question. His curiosity has led him to art. By studying ancient civilisations and the history of Slovenians, he was able to infuse his products with the tradition of ancient cultures, contemporariness, beauty, functionality and the power to heal through the energy of form.

He has dedicated his work to ancient cultures and civilisations, who were well aware of the significance of inner wealth and the clarity of heart. With his art, he tries to bring closer this truth and remind us of the importance of our existence. He links the physical with the spiritual. With his products, he has proved scientifically that matter is energy or vibration. And vibrations are the defining feature of art.

We invite you to take the time, visit the Oskar Kogoj Nature Design Gallery in Miren and let yourself be taken by the shapes, which the author was inspired for by the nature, and the stories they carry. With these stories, the artist is able to stop time in this material and consumerist world, making us stop and think about ourselves, peer deep into our own hearts and contemplate the lives we are living.

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