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Nature Design, Energy Design, Devin Design


"The nature provides everything that man needs to live in paradise."
– Oskar Kogoj

According to Oskar Kogoj, the importance of the Slovenian word NARAVA (nature in English) is revealed through three constituent morphemes or words:
NA comes from Sanskrit "namaa", which means "no", "not mine", "by creation", "from god".
RA – Egyptian god of the sun; "rama" is the oldest reference to the avatar of Rama, who was 4.3 meters tall and lived in the era of giants. Approximately 20,000 years ago, he lived in Turin for 7 years and is accountable for the spiritual image of giant humans.
VA is a god from the era of Ancient Veneti; the word "van" refers to the external, universal god and also appears in the name Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.
The divine nature, which hides an abundance of life energy, fills us with us creative power – the creation of life and creation for life.
Nature Design’s design sums up the forms that are found in nature. Nature brings together all prehistoric references to the world’s oldest civilisations, man’s realisation, the realisation about the divinity of the "I” in people’s hearts, the transformation, self-awareness, glory of salvation and the knowledge of paradise. Through products designed this way, we gain insights into the mystery that is us.

Nature is god, and god is nature. God is the primordial seed that lives in each and every being. God is energy, which powers and stabilises the universe. The designer and form are not separate. They are both one and inseparable. This is the secret of god’s creation.

The essence of design lies in the essence of life according to the laws of nature, complete happiness, development of the truth, righteous acting, love for all living creatures, peace and non-violence. These are also the teachings of Sai Baba, Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed, Zarathustra, Buddha and others. All earthly creations serve to realize the true form, which includes the plant, mineral, animal and human kingdoms.

Through deep and versatile research in the fields of art, mastery, philosophy and civilisation, we can reach the conclusion that "OM" represents the beginning of design. Repeating the word "OM" infuses the human body with ancient energy and aids in bringing about true thoughts. "OM" is the source of creation because everything stems from and returns to it. The true form of design comes from THOUGHT – WORD – ACTION, representing the holy trinity, or Triglav in some Slavic languages.

Oskar Kogoj’s last teacher, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, emphasizes "OM" as the holy creation and the highest form of design or vibration. For the teacher of all teachers to prove his knowledge of form and design, he bore from his body the golden lingam or cosmic egg. Oskar Kogoj witnessed this miraculous act together with his wife Tatjana on 15 February 1999 at 6:21 AM. The golden egg is the miracle of all miracles, which originated from his life and experience. But it is not the only one.

Two lingams were joined to create the cosmic heart, which means that man houses the divine energy, which even astrophysics has recognised as true and studies today.


The meaning of this word lies in shaped form, which combines the energy of the sun with conscious research and experimenting with the transfer of energy from nature and natural phenomena on the Earth and the universe to the form of today’s time-bound world. The study of the Pyramid of Cheops, also referred to as Pa Henoch, which hides the knowledge of pre-flood civilisations, is today being unveiled through metaphysical science.

When it comes to design, hands work according to the principle of mudra – the law of wisdom, experience of frequencies as recurring connections with the creation. What exists in the macro-cosmos also exists in the micro-cosmos, and therefore also within each human being.

Each form radiates a special energy. Matter is energy and, therefore, vibration. The artworks of Oskar Kogoj are designed to take into account the positive vibrations and energies that also fill their surroundings. This energy contributes to the development and maturation of the human soul.

In his works, Oskar Kogoj most often includes the symbols of the wavy line and the egg. We can find the wavy line everywhere around us. Nature seeks light – undulating cosmic energy. Each day, we can feel it in our bodies, which makes us one with it. An egg, which is the most perfect form of energy, symbolises rebirth and new beginnings. Everything comes from the egg and joins with it. The fragility of an egg reminds us that we need to nourish our creative energy carefully. Cosmic radiation from the shape of an egg is healing and self-preserving. Even ancient civilizations and cultures believed this, which is why they stored oil, wine and essential oils in egg-shaped amphorae.

Energy design it means the conscious creation of special energy forms that change vibrations from lower to higher. In order to achieve the perfect forms that serve man to elevate his soul, we must go through life experience and special study of vibration, especially form, far back into the knowledge of Vedas, where these secrets are recorded.


The name comes from "Devin", the Slovenian name for the Italian city of Duino near Trieste. Our ancient ancestors used it and worshiped it as "dèvin" or godlike, primarily due to the characteristics of the local cliff. The nature formed the Karstic stone called "kara", which again contains a reference to Ra, Egyptian god of the sun. On the inside, the cliff contains water, which possesses all the vibrations of this mighty mineral, transferring it onto the surface of the sea in the form of healing energy. A sensitive person can use this energy as medicine and a means of establishing inner contact with themselves. In the ancient history of our ancestors, the Veneti sacrificed a white horse, an ancestor of today’s Lipizzaner, to the god of the sea on each summer solstice. As was recorded by Roman author Pliny the Elder, this happened at the Cliffs of Duino.

Our ancestors used such natural and sacred spots to heal themselves and lift their spirits. In the Gorizia region, which is not far from the neighbouring countries of Italy and Croatia, there are four such spots that are shaped in the form of a double pyramid or an elevated square, forming the shape of the Venetian letter B, which means "bog" (or god in English)
  • The Castle of Miren (Church of the Sorrowful Mother of God);
  • The Holy Mountain (Basilica of the Queen of Svetogorje);
  • Barbana near Gradež (Church of Holy Mary);
  • Trsat above Reka (Church of the Lady of Trsat).

The Slovenian Veneti, who were the ancestors of Slovenians, knew the secret of life. The secret lies in the eternal circle, eternal life and naturally occurring transformation. The human life is a play of beauty, kindness, joy and challenges. Everything depends on us, our thoughts, words and actions. We develop through experience and the goal to attain unconditional love, inner peace and satisfaction in life. Though unaware of it, we are god. We have to awaken that which we carry deep within...
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