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Why should you choose an Oskar Kogoj products

A specially designed and handcrafted product can be something of the highest quality. It can be the result of knowledge, research, innovation and creativity. It can be enriched with history, much like Oskar Kogoj products are enriched with Slovenian and foreign cultural heritage and contemporariness. What is more, each Oskar Kogoj product carries its own story, an explanation of the symbolic meaning of the product, which is written on the accompanying certificate of originality.

"I never start a project as a spiritual beginner. Each work requires a long mental endeavour. It may take years of spiritual exploring. And consulting before I can tackle a project. Only then do the elements of a structure emerge. The designed form is thus the last step just like putting a dress on a body."

Oskar Kogoj's design has always had a certain foundation and starting point – be it a nature-found form, a chosen symbol or archaeological artefact. Already at the beginning of his journey as a master of design, which includes industrial design, his works were supported by meaning and a story. He is a master of designing and integrating different skills and putting them into words.

The certificate with a story is an added value, which Oskar Kogoj has implemented more than sixty years ago. Based on customer and user responses, this has become a general practice in his work. The stories on the certificates have since become more extensive and detailed. The process of creating demands extensive research, studies and experimenting. A part of this is expressed through form, and the other part in the written message.

Oskar Kogoj dedicates his work to ancient cultures and civilisations, who were familiar with the importance of inner wealth and the purity of heart. Through his works of art, he seeks to bring us closer to this truth and reminds us of the significance of our living. His works help us physically connect with the spiritual realm. It has been scientifically proven that matter is energy and, thus, vibration. Through vibration, Oskar Kogoj creates art. His products are, therefore, culturally and symbolically rich.

In more than 60 years of his artistic endeavours, Oscar Kogoj's design has become recognisable and highly distinctive. Individual pieces have gone so far to become legendary. The products are marked by high quality and originality, both in terms of their form and message. They contain numerous elements taken from our heritage and, as such, convey information about our culture and creativity to the world. All products are exclusively handmade. All of them are of Slovenian origin and were made by Slovenian master craftsmen. They are based on many years of research and require certain technological procedures, classic and modern design. All products are made of natural materials, such as porcelain, ceramics, glass, wood, metal, bronze and stone. Each work of art is accompanied with a certificate of originality, which is written in Slovenian and English, explaining the symbolic meaning of the product. As they talk about our culture and heritage, they stimulate and strengthen our national consciousness. We wish to inform you about this and convey our Slovenian tradition to the world through you.

Oskar Kogoj products have been awarded for their timeless design. With time, each product gains in value, while at the same time preserving its modernity in our homes. The products decorate and improve our home and business environments, while at the same time contributing to the elegance of living. They are suitable as ornaments for our homes, offices, business premises and hotels.

Most often, our customers choose to buy the products as gifts. You can find a gift for anyone at the OSKAR KOGOJ NATURE DESIGN Gallery. When foreigners visit us or whenever our statesmen travel abroad, it is mandatory to find a specialty that speaks of Slovenian creativity and bears testimony to the Slovenian cultural heritage. Similarly, with international visits and political officials, it is only appropriate to choose a PROTOCOL GIFT that carries the stamp of our culture, language and affiliation with Slovenia. The purpose of BUSINESS GIFTS is definitely to connect people and bring about the best possible cooperation between business partners. As every Oskar Kogoj product carries a story and a deep message, it allows you to bring something more to the business world than just an object – through the story behind the gifted product, you can express your thoughts. And last but not least, Oskar Kogoj's oeuvre of artworks allows you to find the perfect PERSONAL BIRTHDAY PRESENT or GIFT FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION, such as a baptism, wedding, significant anniversary, graduation, retirement, recognition of a colleague, NEW YEAR and many other celebration-worthy moments.

We are doing our best for our offer to satisfy any of your needs and help better your living. Come and choose something that will make those close to you happy. You can choose from a wide range of beautiful sculptures and sophisticated glass shapes to specially designed cups and other energy-rich products. Find something for your loved ones or yourself that will brighten the day, fill your heart with joy and infuse your soul with a positive attitude and a feeling of peace.

We kindly invite you to visit our world of natural forms, pure energy and positive vibrations – the gallery which speaks through objects, its interior and love for the nature.
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