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Hand made

Made in  Slovenia

100% natural material

Gilding of 18 carat gold

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Timeless design with message

Oskar Kogoj Nature Design

Oskar Andrej Kogoj

Oskar Andrej Kogoj is a locally and globally acclaimed industry designer, artist, member of academia, professor and researcher. He was born on 23 November 1942 to a Slovenian family to his mother Pepca Butkovič and father Milan Kogoj. He was the second child in a family of six children. He comes from Miren near Gorica, where he was born and still lives to this day.

His love for the nature is what gives him his creative power to design artworks that connect us with our roots. His products arouse interest and respect for the nature. He is driven by his curiosity and will to use the secretive, valuable and divine gifts of nature and life to design for himself, his friends and everyone who feels and wants to accept his clear forms. These unforgettable forms have found their place not only in the history of local and global design, but also in the souls of people who are in contact with his creations. With his sensitivity and integration of the human soul with the laws of nature, he can link transcendent ideas with the material world.

With his sensitivity and integration of the human soul with the laws of nature, he can link transcendent ideas with the material world.

We could say that he uses design as a medium through which he communicates transcendent energies.

Already as a child, he was curious and kept questioning the background of things and object, their origins and ancient symbolic meanings. He studies the cultural heritage and the forgotten knowledge of ancient civilisations, and he is very fond of everything Slovenian. He has travelled a long journey, on which he acquired the knowledge that he now uses to design his products.

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Each Oskar Kogoj products bears its own message, which awakens us as human beings with its content. When we see a product, it reminds us of something beautiful, awakening within us a primeval love, peace and harmony.

It encourages us to think, triggering the process of self-awareness. We have to use the products as they allow us to heal and enrich ourselves if we only let them.

Oskar Kogoj's design has always had a certain foundation and starting point – be it a nature-found form, a chosen symbol or archaeological artefact. Already at the beginning of his journey as a master of design, which includes industrial design, his works were supported by meaning and a story. He is a master of designing and integrating different skills and putting them into words.

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The importance of presenting gifts

By presenting a gift, we express gratitude, affection and attention, as well as commemorate a memory with which we can to eternalise an important event.

Gifts are the essence of beautiful, good and successful communication, and at the same time a highly significant part of modern-day man's self-realisation.

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Visit us

In 1998, the renovated birth house of Oskar Kogoj's mother in Miren opened its door as a sales and exhibition gallery named Oskar Kogoj Nature Design Gallery. It is a specialised store and gallery with artworks of timeless design. The ceremonial opening was attended by many. Among them were also a number of famous Slovenians from the cultural and political spheres. Today, the gallery is managed by Oskar's daughters, Katjuša Kogoj Mužina and Nataša Kogoj Komar.

You are kindly invited to visit our sales Gallery in Miren, where you will be taken over by the harmony of energies and the play of intuition, symbols and meaning. Discover the world envisioned and created by designer Oskar Kogoj.

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