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Oskar Kogoj contributes the Slovenian fashion with his own sense of living and styles, which he creates on the go with his sensitivity for the surroundings and co-living – transcending day-to-day life with a more meaningful living. With his subtle sense for the human soul's integration with the laws of nature, he balances ideas between the transcendent and the material.
Oskar Kogoj products have been awarded for their timeless design. With time, each product gains in value, while at the same time preserving its modernity in our homes. The products decorate and improve our home and business environments, while at the same time contributing to the elegance of living. They are suitable as décor for our homes, offices, business premises, hotels, etc.
In more than 60 years of his artistic endeavours, Oskar Kogoj has gained international recognition with his characteristic lines. Individual pieces have even become legendary. The products are marked by quality and originality, from the perspective of both form and message. Each product is the result of thorough research and spiritual contemplation, which brings added value to the products.
With the beauty and the positive energy that they radiate, the products invite us to admire, use and touch them. Create your everyday ritual when drinking tea or coffee, and toast with gratitude for life – alone, in pairs or with your friends. May the moments you use a glass, cup or special-occasion dish become a daily ritual.
Whether you allow for living style and furnishing to be labelled or not, Oskar Kogoj's products fit neatly into any style – be it modern, minimalist, bohemian, Scandinavian, industrial, rural or anything else. You can design your own unique furnishing and bring in some extra freshness, while at the same time adding a pinch of eternal classic to your living space with any of Oskar Kogoj's products.
The collection of his products allows various designs to be customised for any room. Imagine several identical products, such as a group of Birds of Freedom in Flight on one stone pedestal; several Cosmic Butterflies that awaken in us the magical ease of movement; or a number of Golden Suns, which with their abstract image raise questions and answers at the same time. Add some grandeur to the wall with an extra frame, or create a collage made of several identical or different pieces on your wall, extending the artistic installation across a few meters.
Create your own world of natural forms, pure energies and positive vibrations within your own home or office. Once you find a place for them, you will fall in love with the perfect form of Oskar Kogoj’s products.

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