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The symbolic meaning and message of the products

Each Oskar Kogoj product bears its own message, which awakens us as human beings with its content. When we see a product, it reminds us of something beautiful, awakening within us a primeval love, peace and harmony. It encourages us to think, triggering the process of self-awareness. We have to use the products as they allow us to heal and enrich ourselves if we only let them.

Since his childhood, Oskar Kogoj has cultivated a strong bond with nature, which provided him with answers to many a question. This curiosity eventually led him to creativity. By studying ancient civilisations and the history of Slovenians, he infused his products with the tradition of ancient cultures, modernity, beauty and functionality. The result was the emergence of high-quality art and Oskar Kogoj Nature Design. The products, which are marked by elegant and sophisticated lines, are the work of Slovenian craftsmen, who achieve top quality by using technologically demanding processes. The products are made of natural materials, such as wood, glass, porcelain, ceramics, metal, handmade paper, etc.

Oskar Kogoj's design has always had a certain foundation and starting point – be it a nature-found form, a chosen symbol or archaeological artefact. Already at the beginning of his journey as a master of design, which includes industrial design, his works were supported by meaning and a story. He is a master of designing and integrating different skills and putting them into words. Each artwork has a certificate of originality, written in both Slovenian and English, which explains the meaning behind the product.

In his works of art, he most often uses the following symbols and forms:
Wavy line: The wavy line can be found all around us. The nature always seeks light and cosmic energy. From this ancient image, Christianity has taken on this symbol, which represents the creation of god and god himself. We can feel it every day in our bodies and are part of it. This symbol is also found on "Vaška situla", which represents a scripture from our ancestors.

The essence of everything is the development of the good within us, be it through our hearts, thoughts or actions. The wavy, or undulating line represents an ancient symbol of strength and power. It is a sign of the eternal energy that man has perceived and experienced as early as prehistoric times, especially after his existence became dependent on crop cultivation.

The wavy line is a basic component of Slovenian ornaments. It is also found on the Idrija laces. Oskar Kogoj uses this element, which was left behind by our ancestors, the Veneti, as tendrils on cups. This tendril, which is a vertical meander, reminds us of young growth, of vines and their symbolic meaning. Not only are grapevines shaped like tendrils – they were once called vines. The word itself is derived from the word "wine".

Egg: The symbol of an egg has a highly special meaning for Oskar Kogoj. Everything comes from the egg, which symbolises rebirth and new beginnings. Ultimately, everything comes together in an egg. The fragility of an egg reminds us that we have to nourish our creative energy carefully. Something new is about to be hatched from the shell any moment now, and this shell represents our subconscious. Cosmic radiation from the shape of an egg is healing and self-preserving. This was already believed in ancient times, when people stored oils, wines and essential oils in egg-shaped amphorae. The shape of an egg is an energetically most perfect shape, which stems from a vibrating circle. At the same time, it is a widespread ancient symbol found in almost every simple and developed religion of the world, in folk traditions and in various mythologies around the globe. An egg, or lingam, represents a symbol of life, resurrection, fertility, security, creativity, hope, activity and success.

Circle with a dot: As an extended dot, the shape of a circle symbolises perfection, homogeneity and absence of division. It also symbolises time, the heaven, harmony, protection, eternity and infinity. The circle has neither a beginning nor an end. The divine idea of infinity is fully expressed in a circle and a sphere, which is numerically represented by the number 10, symbolising oneness (= 1) in the circle (= 0). The number one has always been a mark of unity, the unity of all creation, whose master is the one and all-powerful god. A circle with a dot (unit) in the middle is thus a symbol of the infinite, eternal god.

Cobalt blue: When combined with the correct shape, the natural cobalt blue colour emits a positive cosmic energy, passing on the vibrations to the ingested contents. This is why we say it has healing properties. Also, cobalt admixtures in coloured glass protect the contents from UV rays. The use and effects of this colour is well known in the Chinese art of Feng Shui.

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