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Project LAG Embraced by the Sun:

Establishing a digital repository of products and testimonials by designer Oskar Kogoj
»Oskar Kogoj: Life and Work«

Lead partner: LAG Embraced by the Sun (LAS V objemu sonca)
Oskar Kogoj Nature Design Gallery (Galerija Oskar Kogoj D.O.O.)
Public Institution for Tourism and Culture Miren Kras (Javni zavod za turizem in kulturo Miren Kras)
France Bevk Library in Nova Gorica (Goriška knjižnica Franceta Bevka Nova Gorica)
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Club in Severna Primorska (Društvo gluhih in naglušnih Severne Primorske)
Total project value: 85.405,45 EUR
ERDF funding: 82.928,53 EUR
Own resources: 66.342,82 EUR
Operation launch date: 1. June 2021
Operation end date: 31. June 2023

In accordance with the decision of the Board of Directors of the LAG Embraced by the Sun, the LAG project "Establishing a digital repository of products and testimonials by designer Oskar Kogoj” was included in the LAG Local Development Strategy at the end of May 2021. The project is aimed at preserving the natural conditions, natural values, biodiversity and cultural heritage for the purpose of sustainable (tourism) development in the LAG area.
Artist Oskar Kogoj is one of the most prominent Slovene (industrial) designers of the modern era. Today, the general public knows him best as a designer of decorative pieces, which are promoted by the gallery store in Miren. However, the artist’s oeuvre includes a much broader spectrum of design work. His works have been recognized as an important part of design history and everyday life by institutions dealing with the safekeeping and presentation of movable (cultural) heritage. This includes museums and galleries in Slovenia and abroad – after all, the artist got his education, lectured, worked and was awarded internationally. At this moment, no complete collection of his works is yet in existence.

The main aim of the LAG project is to establish an innovative digital repository of products and testimonials by artist Oskar Kogoj. One of the main objectives is to collect as much information about the life and work of Oskar Kogoj as possible (about the products which are not part of the sales partner’s product portfolio) in order to present his versatile work to the professional and general public. The artist’s recreations of our ancestors’ heritage will allow the knowledge of the artist to be passed on to future generations.
After the completion of the project, all digital collection databases, products, bibliography and testimonials by the artist will be made available to the general public.

The project will be implemented in three stages. The first stage will involve an inventory of the works (products) created by the artist, which will include the artist’s identifications and interpretations of the products, stock surveying, looking for local manufacturers and testing the products for the purpose of obtaining the certificate.
The second stage will involve the collection and recording of the artist’s testimonies. This will involve filming video interviews and recording short audio and video product presentations, editing materials for publishing a book, filming and producing a movie and compiling the artist’s bibliography.

In the third stage, the achieved results will be presented to the professional and general public:

new programs were prepared and presented, the establishment of a BIBLIOGRAPHY and a "TRAVELING COLLECTION" of material about Oskar Kogoj under the auspices of the France Bevk Library in Nova Gorica, and GUIDED TOURS of the gallery with a presentation of the designer Oskar Kogoj were conducted.

The main objectives of the project include the implementation of Kogoj’s design concept and technological innovation; the possibility of developing potential, ideas and the transfer of knowledge; increasing the quality of life; and the possibility of developing new business and tourist opportunities related to the preservation of (cultural) heritage.

The investment is co-financed by the EU European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Slovenia.

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