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Oskar Kogoj dedicates his work to ancient cultures and civilizations that knew very well the importance of inner wealth and purity of heart. With his creation, he tries to bring this truth closer to us and remind us of the importance of our existence. His way of life and creation is imbued with spiritually oriented thoughts for correct functioning, creating good and beautiful things.

He summarizes the instructions on how to live and work in the following thoughts: "Whatever you do, do it well, do it with love. Strive for peace, truth, love, non-violence and right conduct. Materialize your knowledge for the highest good of all. There is a fountain of love for life and all living things in you – find it and use it. Draw knowledge from everything that surrounds us and look inside yourself – you will touch the divine."

The present videos represent Kogoj's view of the world, life and work. These are shorter clips that were created with the desire to understand Kogoj's concept of creation, himself, and to bring this to the widest possible audience. We wish you many beautiful moments and inspiration while watching.

The spoken language is Slovenian. The translation is not available yet.

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