5291 MIREN
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Hand made

Made in  Slovenia

100% natural material

Gilding of 18 carat gold

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Certificate of Authenticity

Timeless design with message


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Symbol of ...

Sculpture (18,5 cm x 18 cm x 4 cm, 
ceramics, gold bronz glazes)

The sculpture featuring a spiral, a symbol of development and growth, is intended for the energetic decor of the living environment, for meditation and for energetic cleansing of a room with incense sticks. The spiral shape magnifies its purpose because it develops invisible energy, the natural energy of the evolution of our planet Earth and the evolution of humanity. The fire takes this spiral form and carries it forward through smoke. It spreads the vibration and energy of this form through space.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba once materialised a photograph with all the great avatars that have ever graced the Earth. Even King Rama, who is still worshipped by everyone in India today. After that photograph of Rama with a staff, I first made a scaled-down version of the staff, before enlarging the top part so that the staff would be suitable for the height of Rama, who was 4.30 metres tall. All of this information was confirmed by Sai Baba. Detail of the staff, which I enlarged to correspond to a 5-metre staff. The shape of this detail was later transferred in relief to a meditation sculpture, which can be used as an incense holder or energy decor. 

This spiral shape also occurs in the nautilus, an ancient shell. It is reminiscent of the interpretation of evolution – when the Earth gets the Moon, vibrations appear, evolution begins and along with that life on earth and in the sea. The start of these vibrations of creation in the sea lies in spiral forms that have been unchanged for about 500 million years. Nature is the greatest designer and creator of vibrations that can be healing for humans. The nautilus shell shows all the secrets of the forms of natural wonders and the knowledge of man-god. Its characteristic spiral curve makes it a symbol of growth and development. This is also the meaning of human life – its growth and development by exploring and realising one’s potential and divine essence.

Let the spiral lead you to discover the essence of life, purify your soul, lead you into the deepest meditation, support you in your evolution and growth to reach the highest realisation and your inner power.



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