5291 MIREN
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Hand made

Made in  Slovenia

100% natural material

Gilding of 18 carat gold

Free delivery (over 300€)

Certificate of Authenticity

Timeless design with message
Symbol of luck, hope, love ...


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Symbol of luck, hope, love ...

Small sculpture (14 cm x 14 cm x 4 cm, porcelain, gilding (18ct gold), white glaze)

The happiest people quickly find a four-leaf clover; they have developed sight and spirituality.
The clover is a very special shape of nature, which in cross form combines four basic elements of life – earth, air, water, and fire. Each leaf of the clover has its meaning – HOPE, FAITH, LOVE AND HAPPINESS.
The clover also symbolises the four different seasons, the four cardinal points, etc.
When a person sees this shape and accepts it, one accepts visible and invisible beauty into ones heart.
A four-leaf clover in a tray is a combination of energies which the shape of the vibrating sun OM radiates into PRANA ENERGY FIELD. In space they radiate positive vibration, thus the vibrating ENERGY DESIGN, which is also cosmic INTELLIGENCE, intertwines with the whole UNIVERSE, which a person that is aware can use. Natural form is a prayer and a vibration.



The meaning of gold colour 

The colour gold symbolises abundance, wealth, prestige, prosperity and luxury. It is the colour of success, achievements, triumph and optimism. It is associated with quality, prestige, sophistication and elegance. Gold attracts the eye and represents inspiration and the activation of spiritual energy. It can improve mental and physical health, while also lighting the way to future goals and bringing success, since it is associated with the energy of the sun and, in turn, with life energy, strength and self-confidence. It helps to achieve spiritual enlightenment and to gain knowledge and a deeper understanding of one’s own self and soul. It celebrates successes and motivates people to reach their potential. Gold is optimistic and positive, and adds richness and warmth to everything it is associated with, thus illuminating and enhancing other things around it as well. The colour gold increases passion and charisma, as well as compassion and understanding.

Gold is a sacred colour in both religious and magical contexts. It represents divine qualities, which is why many of the objects used in sacred rituals are made of gold or gold-coloured. It is associated with pre-eminence, has a frequency of higher protection, and signifies total integration and spiritual service.

Why plate items in gold? Because humans also have a little gold in their bodies. What connects the individual human to their soul in the physical sense is gold. This connection is ‘golden’. Unless one ‘gilds’ oneself spiritually, one cannot come closer to God, to knowing oneself, to a deeper realisation that one is a spiritual being. A spiritual being can only develop in a physical body.


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