5291 MIREN
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Hand made

Made in  Slovenia

100% natural material

Gilding of 18 carat gold

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Timeless design with message



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(19,5 cm x 19,5 cm x 12,5 cm - small, 30 cm x 30 cm x 19 cm - large, cedarwood (C. libani), the top of the pyramid is gilded (24k gold))

A pyramid is a collector of COSMIC ENERGY that creates a special kind of ENERGY FIELD.  It boosts our life energy and thus maintains a general well-being.

The Old Testament of the Bible states that a pyramid is THE HOME OF GOD – PA HENOH. Since the very beginning of my studies, I have been studying the design of the most mysterious object in the WORLD that belongs to an unknown knowledge-based civilization preceding the global flood. I have found the key to the knowledge and a divine realization in the writings and recollections of SAI BABA – and I have obtained this key in both physical and ASTRAL form!

A pyramid generates special types of energies that were once used to heal people, as well as to help spirits cross over to AKASHA and return back to their BODILY FORMS. It harbors incomprehensible secrets of all forms and from all times – from HYPERBOREA to this very day. The top of the Pyramid of Cheops in Giza was made of 160 metric tons of pure gold. It was constructed in ancient times around 70,000 B.C. Even though official data does not support this claim, this was the era of giants.

The special role that pyramids have played throughout history and still play today stems from their distinct and clean form, their dimensions, and their proportions. Our pyramid is a scaled-down version of the Pyramid of Cheops with the addition of SAI BABA’s sacred ash. The pyramid can be used in all kinds of healing, placed on any affected area, and it can also be used to improve living and working conditions as it deals away with all harmful effects and radiation present in our living areas and workspaces. It can be used to grow seeds, or it can be placed on top of remedies, oils, food, and other objects that we wish to imbue with the pyramid’s vibration. For 40 years, I have been placing my razor under the pyramid to sharpen the blade. Water can also be placed under the pyramid, and since it contains Sai Baba’s Vibhuti, the water will receive HEALING PROPERTIES – it will become imbued with the pyramid’s positive vibration. Try it out and feel the difference yourself!

In the Slovenian language, the word pyramid means, "it gives me the gift” – the FIRE ENERGY (PERN – SUMMIT, and pyros means fire in Greek).

The key to understanding these secrets is the knowledge of POORNA AVATAR SAI BABA, who died in 2011 in PUTTAPARTHI. Together with my wife Tatjana, I have been frequenting this area for 17 years, and I have proof of the history of mankind – from MATSYA, the first FISH avatar, to the present, where I have established my very own international studio.



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